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Sep 27, 2012 5:00pm EDT
the city. you get the power of the lightning courtesy of richard. it is still reasonably low for gusty winds in washington. are 7:00 tonight,, temperature, 81 degrees and you winchester, where the showers have come through, have downed the temperatures although that is still in the mid-60's. that is the source of this line. over the last hour, it is moving into winchester, so there is not lightning. the lightning over the last couple hours. it is spotty. but those are the areas that until 6:00 are under severe warnings and let me to spotlight south of woodstock, that is the one spot is getting some nasty lightning. to of this is continuing move out to the east and northeast. moving away about 7:00. how looks. get out of the way. you can see those showers and a little bit of that hayes. is the time of the year. the colors are beginning to change. goe october is the time to drive with the g to show up.n going is those clouds we have had, and that ripple in the atmosphere and there is a weather front that will be godling our way as we on tonight and the late tomorrow. that means tom
Sep 28, 2012 5:00pm EDT
for the last two years. the relaunch of the breathalyzer is expected to boost the city's capability to prosecute. >> john walsh will miss about after beingof gains diagnosed with a knee injury. he spent the day back at school. >> a special star to the school y for students at seidlin in southeast d.c.. -- sign an elementary in southeast d.c. has become exercise 50 studentsnearly at this school. it is all part of a successful program. designed to enhance health and academic performance. this fifth grader participates three mornings before class. according to the 2010 s shape the nation's airports, recommend children 60 minutes of activity per day. only 57% have regular recess. it is helping their bodies, teachers say it is helping their minds as well. >> we get feedback from them. these students are more alert in the morning. they are ready to learn. that is why we do this program. >> he wishes he had a program he was growing up. this program is currently in the district of columbia and 160 schools across the country. e to add hundreds more by the end of 2013. for a check on the traf
Oct 2, 2012 5:00pm EDT
with the wide look back across the city. the fog started already. it is really against in spots overnight -- it will be really dense in spots overnight. visibility is starting to come miles at reagan national. that will be the big story later evening. as rain fall goes, across the chesapeake bay and parts of region, there will be some but i thinkurs, stay in that region. just cloudy and a little bit of foggy mist in the air and no rain. partly cloudy and warmer tomorrow, 80 by midday. a passing shower and then beautiful weather thursday and friday. fall weather returns early next week. check out i think that is it for now. >> iraq having so much fun last night. >> it was truly incredible -- >> having so much fun last night. energized in a that is usually reserved for presidential election this time of year. it is the post season, or shortly will be, and the nationals won the nl east last night. they were enjoying themselves. it was a night they did not want to end. u turn thea pocket, yo ready for another game. -- wants 7:00 hits. >> if you watch monday night football, use all p
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3